Nov 02 , 2020

Ahmet Salih Bilgu

hand washing habit and hand hygiene education in children

Hands are among the most contaminated organs during the day. Hands that provide all kinds of relationships with their environment in the daily life of children carry many microorganisms. Although the hands seem clean, invisible bacteria can cause many diseases. These bacteria can often be transmitted by touching, handshaking, coughing and sneezing. when you do not wash your hands; You may be more likely to get a cold, flu or diarrhea. Some bacteria adhere well to pores, scratches, cracks and bristles on our hands, and they find a suitable environment to multiply rapidly by mixing with dust and dirt.

tell children the importance of hand washing

First of all, start by explaining the importance of hand washing to your children. It is extremely important to teach children about hand washing correctly and to develop this habit. You can attract the attention of children with books, cartoons or activities you will develop.

be a role model for your child

From the moment children are born, they begin to create an experience of life by watching their closest parents. You should tell your child how to wash hands not only by explaining but also practically. First of all, you should start washing your hands next to your child to provide hand hygiene training. You can wash your hands after coming from outside, before and after eating or together after the toilet. It is very important to follow this step for your child's personal hygiene.

how to teach children the habit of hand washing?

Children should start washing their hands from pre-school ages. here the responsibility falls on the parents and they have to be patient. Hand washing habits should not only be taught to children, but they should also be demonstrated practically. It is very important for mothers and fathers to be role models in this regard.

what should you pay attention to when washing hands?

Remember, first of all, hands must be washed for 30 seconds. In hand washing process, both palms and outside, between fingers, nails and wrists should be washed thoroughly. Afterwards, hands should be thoroughly rinsed and dried with a towel.